A Breakthrough Multiple Time Frames Trading System that Actually Works

The Mars Trading System sends you real-time non-repaint buy and sell signals to help you make profits in trading. The system was firstly released in June, 2022, and so far has been used and verified by 1,800+ users. Every month, more than 500 new users started to use the Mars trading system.

This system is absolutely amazing 😉 I have been trading for over five years and nothing can come to the accuracy of this awesome 😎 system.... I highly recommend it to anyone looking to be on the right side of the market!!!
Isabel Hamilton
Texas, United States. Oct. 8, 2022.
Excellent trading system! I am a new subscriber and have been using the system for about a month trading the NQ. I am very pleased with the results that I achieved.
Frederick Campbell
New Jersey, United States. Sep. 6, 2022.
I have been searching for many tools for trading, pay this and that, but nothing helped me in trading. When I use this Mars trading system, my win rate is amazing! I am confident in every trade I take. Thanks for the developer that makes such a good software to help beginners like me!!
Aidan Hopkins
Ontario, Canada. Aug. 24, 2022.
I’ve been back and forth with trading walk not because the system doesn’t work but because of personal issues. This system is amazing!! Literally all you have to do is to follow the tutorial step by step and trade with the buy sell alerts from the system. I promise if you do that , you will succeed! Always prepare to lose because no system can give you A 100% win rate . But I can honestly say , I definitely win WAY more than I lose . The creator of this system is awesome!! The most important thing is they don't leave you in the blind.. I sent a few messages to them and they got back with me shortly. And I think that’s very important. They definitely care about their traders and want us to SUCCEEDD!! I love you and your system!!! Haha 🙂 🙂 🙂
Jordan Evans
New York, United States. Jul, 19, 2022.
I have tried tons of indicators and software, this is the only guidance tool I use now. This is the real deal to grow a small account.
Alex Sawyer
California, United States. Sep. 17, 2022.
My experience with the Mars system thus far has been exciting to say the least! I literally went from getting all losses and seeing red to seeing a blue wave of winning trades! I spent two days studying all the material provided and then it finally hit me, I couldn't wait to get started, once I did get started the wins kept pouring in, I knew right then that this was no coincidence, I've been studying some more and my confidence is much higher than before I started the Mars system, although I started out with small lot sizes and still am using small lots I will be depositing more money and will up my lots soon. After having consecutive days seeing Blue I'm convinced AlphaGoTrading has created a profitable system! I'm confident that the wins will keep pouring in as long as I stick to the strategy. If your thinking about getting any trading systems I highly recommend it! The customer service is top notch as well! PS: If you feel overwhelmed at first don't give up! Your positive results will surely turn you into a believer!
Wade Barker
Florida, United States. Aug. 11, 2022.
Beautiful! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never be able to trade without it. Follow the system tutorial, I setup the system and optimize the settings for my trading style. I got pretty good back testing result, so I just traded my small account without hesitation. It probably takes a few weeks to know how to use the Mars properly. I haven’t been trading with the indicator for a long time but I’m already feeling more comfortable.
Matthew Davies
Arizona, United States. Jun. 25, 2022.

Results Demo

The Mars Trading System is not a theoretical algorithm. It's a complete suite of trading system that actually works. See some of the latest results below.

ES Futures +38.95%
Swing Trading
2022.01 - 2022.09

Mars: Net Profit = +38.95%

Mars: Gross Gain / Gross Loss = 3.144

Mars: Max Drawdown = -5.97%

Mars: Sharpe Ratio = 1.187

Wihout Mars Buy & Hold Return: -22.88%

NQ Futures +42%
Swing Trading
2022.01 - 2022.09

Mars: Net Profit = +42%

Mars: Gross Gain / Gross Loss = 2.748

Mars: Max Drawdown = -6.88%

Mars: Sharpe Ratio = 1.112

Without Mars Buy & Hold Return: -17.5%

TSLA +109.59%
Swing Trading
2022.01 - 2022.09

Mars: Net Profit = +109.59%

Mars: Gross Gain / Gross Loss = 4.29

Mars: Max Drawdown = -7.4%

Mars: Sharpe Ratio = 1.982

Without Mars Buy & Hold Return: -38.66%

AMD +218.71%
Swing Trading
2022.01 - 2022.09

Mars: Net Profit = +218.71%

Mars: Gross Gain / Gross Loss = 3.23

Mars: Max Drawdown = -15.53%

Mars: Sharpe Ratio = 1.904

Without Mars Buy & Hold Return: -58.87%

EURUSD +378 pips
Intra-day Trading
2022.09.15 - 2022.10.07

Mars: Net Profit = +378 pips

Mars: Gross Gain / Gross Loss = 3.95

Mars: Max Drawdown = -74 pips

Mars: Sharpe Ratio = 0.48

Without Mars Buy & Hold Return: -192 pips

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Mars Trading System is beginner friendly. More than 35% of our new users never traded before. A detailed step-by-step tutorial will be provided for all the new traders.

Yes. You have full 14 days to try our product. If you’re not fully satisfied by the results, feel free to let us know and we will refund you.

The Mars Trading System covers the global markets including stocks, futures, options, forex, ETFs, etc.

The Mars Trading System works for any time frame from 1 minute to 1 day. We recommend you to use 1 to 2 minutes time frame for intra-day trading, 5 to 120 minutes time frame for swing trading, and 2 hours to 1 day time frame for long-term investing.

The target profit factor would be above 3:1. That means the ratio between the gross gain and the gross loss would be higher than 3. 

We’re happy to help! Send an email with your questions to service@alphagotrading.com.

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